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Hey Terence,

As only one of many artists, I can say that to be included in this survey of contemporary cultural producers is a highlight of my season (or any season).

Finally, I'm impressed with your tenacity and commitment to this film and to the community.  For decades I've been saying to anyone who will listen that if you want to be taken seriously in the culture, you have to think about history.   It's a daunting thought, but it's my opinion that you've preformed a blessed deed by preserving images of these artists, in this time, OUR TIME.  


Loren Munk 

Congratulations on a spectacular film. The last scene made me tear up and actually helped remind me of what it is I do, and why I do it. 
My best

Daniel John Gadd

Hi Sanja and Terence: 

So…after arriving back in Beacon last night, I could not stop thinking about the film, the people, the art, the music, and just those really lovely moments that come in life amidst all of the hard ones.

I went to sleep thinking on it. I woke up thinking on it.

Thank you for making it!  It is an inspiration on so many levels, and a “window” into this precious present we are living.



Cynthia Sparrenberger

Dear Sanja and Terence,

It was an honor and privilege to be included in 'Artists In NYC', thanks again! The film was a wonderful watch, and I'd love to share it. 

Grace Roselli 

Hi Terry,

Congratulations on your documentary Artists in NYC!  What a display of talent, endurance, determination & ambition!  It was splendid to be part of!! Bravo.  Honored to be a part of

your/our story! 

C. Michael Norton

Len Bellinger:

Just watched the film on Vimeo...everyone was great...thoroughly enjoyed getting a peek inside so many artist's studios and minds...congratulations Terence and everyone involved...loved how you opened AND closed the film Daniel, and especially what you had to say...personal and poignant ❤️.  Love the diversity of artists you chose as well...enjoyed the obsessive compulsive drive each artist projected in their dialogue as well...congratulations, much respect, Len

Greg Haberny

Congratulations on your film!!!! That was a very cool night! I really liked what you did with the film. Lots of great artists and interesting insight into their minds. Very well done!!!

Loren Munk

I really do think your doc is historically valuable and catches at least part (no one can see the whole picture) of the contemporary NY scene in a very unique way.  


Anna Wagner-Ott

From FB

Just finished watching a documentary called "Artists in NYC”, directed by Terence Donnellan. The way the director takes his audience from one artist to the other is captivating. What I love is the conversations with each artist explaining the rationale for making art, the intent for his or her works, and then actually seeing the artists at work in the studios. Then I had the opportunity to view the final artworks displayed on the gallery walls. A fabulous film that I highly recommend watching.

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