Terence Donnellan is the producer and director of Artists in NYC.


Donnellan is a two-time NY Emmy nominee for documentary films: 

Refugees: Enemies or Victims? (2018) and Shelter in the City (2017). 

Both films played at festivals and on television. 

He has produced and or directed more than 100 television and film projects including short fiction and nonfiction films, commercials, and corporate videos. His short film on the artist, Anki King, was acquired by the Appleton Museum of Art as part of their permanent collection.


His literary novel, A Tincture of Madness, looks at the fine line between genius and madness and is available through Amazon. Theatre plays have been seen in five small theaters in NYC. 


Sanja Frank, producer Artists in NYC

Sanja studied Art History at the Sorbonne in Paris and launched her international career from Italy before moving to New York City. She speaks five languages and has lived in New York, Paris, Croatia, Italy, and India. Artists in NYC is her first film production.

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