Artists in NYC is the third feature documentary produced by

Blasket McManus Productions

Terence Donnellan is the producer and director of ARTISTS IN NYC.

Donnellan is a two-time Emmy nominated filmmaker. He has produced, directed, and edited numerous film, television, and video projects including three feature documentary films.


His projects have been shown on television, at film festivals, and through

Amazon Prime, iTunes, YouTube, Vimeo, Vudu, Tubi, Plex, and other

international streaming platforms.  


His literary novel, A Tincture of Madness, looks at the fine line between genius and madness and is available through Amazon. Theatre plays

have been seen in five small theaters in NYC. 

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Sanja Frank, producer

Sanja studied Art History at the Sorbonne in Paris and launched her international career from Italy before moving to New York City. She speaks five languages and has lived in New York, Paris, Croatia, Italy, and India. Artists in NYC is her first film production.

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