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For colleges, universities, high schools, libraries, museums, clubs, and cultural institutions, it is necessary to purchase a Public Performance License (PPL) or Digital Site License (DSL). 

Colleges/Universities (Blu-ray, DVD): $350.00

High Schools (Blu-ray, DVD): $150.00

Public Libraries (Blu-ray, DVD): $150.00

Community Groups (Blu-ray, DVD): $150.00

Museums (Blu-ray, DVD): $350.00

Private Clubs (Blu-ray, DVD): $350.00

Streaming, 14-Day (HD digital file): $95.00

Streaming, 1-Year (HD digital file): $199.00

Streaming, 3-Years (HD digital file):  $350.00

Streaming, Life of File (HD digital file): $500.00


To set up a screening and purchase a PPL or DSL, please use form to contact us. 

To have the director, Terence Donnellan, attend your event please use form to contact us. 


Thanks! Message sent.

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