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is a documentary film about the importance of art and culture in our society

as seen through the lives of visual artists who live and work in New York City.

National Broadcasts on PBS / public television in 2022!

New York City has been the international center of the art world for more than 70 years. For decades, artists have travelled from across the country and around the world to make New York City their home. Arriving as unknown artists they transformed art history and became pillars of art museums. Today, a diversity of artists continue that tradition.


Artists in NYC looks at living artists who are influencing their peers and shaping the future of the art world. The artists are in museum collections, have been in prestigious art fairs and biennials, and have exhibited in more than 30 countries. Artists in NYC explores why art is essential and what it means to be an artist at this time and place in history.

Directed by Terence Donnellan

Produced by Terence Donnellan & Sanja Frank

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